Our Management Approach

Welcome message from Steve Goldschmidt

stevegWelcome to the Olin Winchester family. I speak for the entire team when I tell you how excited we are to partner with the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant and the US Army to support America’s soldiers.

With a reputation steeped in tradition, Winchester delivers on our commitment to innovation and excellence in everything we do. This commitment to excellence extends to our employees. Our leadership team will bring their expertise to create a safe and well managed facility to all the people of LCAAP following the management principles outlined on this page.

We anticipate full transition to Olin Winchester will take about a year. During, and after that time, we pledge to keep you up to date and communicate frequently. Please watch for further communication on possible prospective employee events and methods and avenues for you to talk with us and to get to know us better.

We will start our applicant outreach in early 2020 but we want to hear from you now. Please send an email through the link on the for LCAAP Employees page to provide us with your contact information.

We look forward to meeting and working with you in the future.

Steve Goldschmidt
Vice President and General Manager
Olin Winchester

Management Principals

Three things set Olin Winchester apart from others in our field: our people, a century of SCA manufacturing excellence, and our proven ability to truly partner with our customers. The Winchester team, led by Vice President and General Manager Steve Goldschmidt, combines our unrivaled experience with industry best practices, corporate knowledge and professional expertise to deliver excellent contract management to the US Army and provide strong leadership for the employees at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant.

Our management approach is exemplified by six management principles which the Winchester team, collectively and individually, applies to every decision, every process, and every procedure. These principles, combined with the technical excellence of our people, ensure an uninterrupted supply of SCA to the US Army and optimize team performance to benefit of all.

icon Management Principle 1: Safety, Health, and Environmental Excellence

Olin Winchester is strongly committed to excellence in protecting the environment, health, safety, and security of all employees at LCAAP and those who live and work in and around the facility. We believe that every employee plays a role in contributing to LCAAP's success in these areas. Our management team will lead by example and conduct all operations in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and by implementing best industry practices and lessons learned from our facilities.

iconManagement Principle 2: Quality Excellence

Our organization includes a key position for our quality director, who directs managers for quality assurance and engineering, quality services and surveillance, ballistics, and lean continuous improvement. This team will deploy a Quality Management System (QMS) designed to ensure that products and services provided on this contract meet all required inspection, testing, and performance criteria in accordance with contract requirements.

icon Management Principle 3: Schedule Fulfillment and On-Time Delivery

To meet or exceed requirements for schedule attainment, our management team will establish key performance indicators (KPI) to measure current performance and serve as leading indicators of future performance. These KPls will be based on production schedules and elements and will be measured using data derived from the EIS and other sources.

iconManagement Principle 4: Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Our management team will deploy a best practice Lean operating model approach to continuous improvement (CI) at LCAAP. This model provides the framework for all modernization, improvement, and innovation efforts. We have established a dedicated management position for Lean continuous improvement, reporting to our quality director. In addition, we have designated a manager within the engineering directorate with responsibility for modernization, technology, and new product development.

iconManagement Principle 5: Helping Customers Succeed

The Winchester management team will work hand-in-hand in a fully integrated partnership with the LCAAP Commander and staff to achieve common goals. This all-encompassing partnership will recognize the government's leadership position and will focus on establishing and maintaining collegial relationships. This partnership will result in cooperative identification and resolution of problems, facilitation of responsive contract performance, and joint formulation of actions that promote common goals and objectives beyond the strict boundaries of the contract.

icon Management Principle 6: Integrity, First, Last, and Always

For Winchester, we understand that our success as a company is directly linked to our commitment to operate with integrity every day, in every way and by everyone in our company. Our management principles and our code of conduct are the basis for how we do business. When applied collectively, they establish the standards of behavior by which every employee at every level of our organization interacts with coworkers, conducts business with suppliers and contractors, and provides services to the government. The ethics and compliance process at Winchester is ubiquitous-it has become part of everything that our company does.