Welcome to Your New Olin 401(k) Plan

Below you will find detailed information describing the Olin Corporation Contributing Employee Ownership Plan (Olin CEOP) — Olin’s 401(k) retirement savings plan.

To get a fast start on saving in the Olin CEOP, Olin Corporation is offering a special pre-enrollment window in the Olin CEOP from September 14 through September 28.

Please utilize the above resources to learn about the Olin CEOP and make informed decisions for the pre-enrollment window.

To pre-enroll, visit olin-lakecityenroll401k.com during the pre-enrollment window. You will have the opportunity to choose how much you want to save and how you want your contributions invested under your Olin CEOP account.

If you don’t make your Olin CEOP elections during the special pre-enrollment window, you will be automatically enrolled in the Olin CEOP in November 2020 unless you opt out.